Review: Limitless, TV-Series, 2015 – 8/10

On of the best crime procedurals I’ve ever seen. The structure of procedurals can be limiting, but it can also be a playground for creative ideas. Once the premise, in this case NZT, is introduced the writers can have fun with it. And they do. Barely one episode is a simple whodunnit plot, all have a fresh idea that plays with the rules of NZT world. It has the meta-narrator style of Fight Club, the editing style of Scott Pilgrim and overall a very tense but at the same time uplifting mood. Jennifer Carpenter kept some of her Debora “fucking” Morgan vibes and put it to good use. I don’t hope the writers run out of ideas after the first season. Maybe they will break the procedural structure after some seasons and a fanbase is established.


Vía Trakt – Christopher van der Meyden